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Why are charities so bad at social media?

So asks Joe Saxton over at the Institute of Fundraising website.

It's a good question and it still amazes me how little understanding many UK charities have of social media and it's potential.  I know within my own charity there is a complete lack of social media strategy and not much will to change this (but that doesn't mean i'm not going to try!) We seem unable to even listen and engage in the conversations that are already happening about us.

A great example of how lacking of understanding many charities are about social media came from @howardlake on Twitter today.  He was tweeting from Digital Leap in London and was surprised (as was I) about how few charities had even heard of Kiva and what they've achieved in online giving.

Joe identifies the following 5 trends that are influencing online income generation:

  • Charities are using the power of their stories online.
  • Charities are engaging first and fundraising second.
  • Social networks are forcing charities to make friends.
  • Integration and internal comms are the key to success.
  • Multiple income-generating partners are key.

Take a look and pass the article on to those people at the top of your organisation who don't get social media.