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Some Midweek Reading to Keep You Out of MIschief!

Spent last weekend in Krakow with some old school/uni friends and am still recovering from the late nights (i'm getting too old to stay up to 3 a.m), hence the lack of posts in the last week or so!

Anyway, last week's round-up of stories is overdue and so without further ado, here are some of the articles.

There was some more good articles related to the 2020 vision. I particularly enjoyed Kimberley's comments.

Although it wasn't directly related there was a series of excellent posts on Sean's blog about a new book on philanthropy. It's relevant to the debate as I believe fundraiser's need to do more to get people to think about giving in the coming years. The first post asked why you give and attracted over 40 comments and there are many that are worth reading - ignore the first one though! :)

Howard Lake pointed out a new feature on Amazon to promote items via Twitter to raise funds.

Does your definition of lapsed match your donors?

Three good related articles on transparency (via Katya' blog.)

Sean on long fundraising letters.

Beth Breeze challenges X-Factor (and other mainstream appeals) to pick less conventional causes.

Some great tips from the Fundraising Coach on using Facebook and Twitter.

Future Fundraising Now (Jeff Brook's new blog) on how to get donors talking about you.

Adrian Sargeant on self regulation of fundraising.  Ties in with my post on the IoF's direct mail crackdown.

Beautiful World ask if anyone is watching charity video?

Would you dare ask an unruly donor to stop giving? Here's an example from a cinema who bans unruly customers!

Eaon on passion & types of advocacy

Hugh talking about 'Evil Plans' - my review of his last book is here.

Chris Brogan on a tactic I like to use at work: "A Middle Up Down" approach!