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Fundraising Round-Up

Here's my first round-up of 2012.  I hope your year has got off to a good start.  These posts are only from the start of the year, so if I missed anything over Christmas then do let me know.

I'm delighted to say that since the start of the month, I've been working with Pamela Grow to provide a monthly round-up for the SOFII monthly bulletin.  Why not sign up today?

Katya on the importance of metaphors.

Karen Zapp looks at the impact of colour in your direct mail.

Kevin on why innovation comes on top of your exisiting offers (not instead of).

Stuart Glen on a lovely thank you from Child's i - I also received a card and it was my favourite Christmas Card this year!

Your ears as moneymakers on the 101 Fundraising blog.

Aline on making your own luck.

Fired up Fundraising with some killer tips for thank you letters.

Kivi does some mystery shopping and gets some pleasing results (which makes a nice change!)

Donor Voice take an in-depth look at donor segmentation.

Jeff asks what donors want. Spoiler what they say and what they do are different things.

A direct marketer asks what businesses can learn from charity direct marketing.  HT Jeff Brooks.

Six great links on making presentations.