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Weekend Reading Round Up

I attended another excellent NFPtweetUp this week and enjoyed the presentations on the Beatbullying's 'Big March' and BHF's 'Hard and Fast' campaign.  A big thanks to everyone at Beautiful World for organising it.

Back in the real world, here are some links for you to read this weekend.

Advice for Good comment on some interesting research on predictors of charitable giving.

i-fundraiser on nurturing donors

The introduction article of a six part series on why non profits fail - from the guys at Passionate Giving.

A post my dad would like! Aline with lessons about fundraising from Hancock's half hour.

Tom Ahern on keeping your message and story consistent across communications.

Steve suggests you go ask your mother...

Kivi with a thanking donors case study.

Jeff on why you shouldn't skimp your donors.

Katya on making your audience part of the story.

Margaux on getting away from your desk and connecting with your cause.

Simon George on creating a legacy culture.

Alison on managing selflessly.

Kevin on cutting red tape.

Scott Berkun with two articles on brainstorming and group think.