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Friday Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Weekend Reading Round-up

The long jubilee weekend in the UK and a few days relaxing with family mean I am a week late with my reading round-up. So without further ado, here are some articles that I think are worth checking out.

Steve guests at Bluefrog Creative and shares a headline that increased income by 1 million percent!

Kev raises some good points about charity admin costs.

Reuben asks if charities can afford originality?

Good listening skills are crucial for successful fundraising. Passionate Giving share some tips to improve your active listening.

Amanda on why honesty is the best policy.

Jonathon with some survey stuff.

Wild Woman Fundraising interviews Brock Warner about fundraising - thanks for the mention!

Seven tips for welcoming new donors.

Katya looks at different types of work and time management.

Drayton shares 21 simple, stupid and amazingly popular ways to screw up your business.

Karen on creative and an interesting infograph (via Copyblogger).

Seth on the unforgiving arithmetic of the funnel.

Freakonomics share their top 3 of 32 innovations that will change your tomorrow.

Eaon shares three advertising campaigns - two good, one bad.