Fundraising Reading Round-Up
Sell the solution, not the process that produces the solution: two video examples from blind charities

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

After a long Easter break, you'll find a bumper edition of fundraising articles that are worth a closer look. Thanks for reading.

First up is April's non-profit blog carnival. Nancy Schwartz hosts this month's and the theme is 'the work behind the work.' May's carnival is on loyalty and is hosted by the Donor Dreams blog.

*Confession time - I did plan to post on this, but ran out of time! A lesson to be learned I think...*

Bloomerang with 23 questions to ask donors and prospects.

Alan Clayton explains why we should be proud to be fundraisers. Ian MacQuillin follows up with a new manifesto for fundraising and fundraisers.


Pamela Grow shares the best books for fundraisers.

Charlie Hulme on how to make your message stick.

Kevin Baughen with a rant about cost ratios.

Lots of great stuff at 101 Fundraising. I've picked three articles on relationship fundraising.

First up is Margaux Smith with 'Relationships v Results' which Rory Greens responds to with 'Not relationships v results, relationships for results'. Finally Malene Fregil looks at relationship fundraising 2.0.

Harvey McKinnon writes at the Hilborn Group blog on how to hang on to your donors.

Veritus Group encourage you to change your boring message.

The Non-Profit Marketing blog explains what Cap'n Crunch can teach you about fundraising.

Tobin Aldrich on silos and prisons.

Finally, the latest Donor Voice publication on overcoming the barriers to growth is worth a look.