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Donor Magic: The NSPCC

Over the next few weeks i'm going to be writing about what many people call stewardship or donor care, but which I prefer to call 'donor magic'.  I'll be talking through the concept, the critical success factors, the barriers you need to overcome and my personal thoughts on the concept.


Image by Geofana.

However, I thought i'd start with a story illustrating what I mean.

The story comes from a presentation I attended by the NSPCC's stewardship team.

The had quite a high profile committee who organised an annual fundraising event.  They wanted to do something extra to thank them for all their hard work that went beyond the normal flowers or wine.

What they came up with was simple and low cost, but also individual and unique and strengthened the relationship with the charity.  They gave each member of the committee a special gift box that contained photos from past events, along with hand written thank you cards from some of the children who would benefit from the project the event was raising money for.

The committee members were delighted with this thoughtful and relevant gift and no doubt they told all their friends and family about it, creating some great word of mouth for the NSPCC.