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Fundraising lessons from the 'Simpsons'

What to do when you're the lone dancer in your org!

Thanks to Eaon for posting the below video:

It's a great example of how things spread and get adopted through society - for more commentary on it see here.

It really got me thinking about my efforts to get colleagues in my charity to embrace social media.  At the minute I feel like i'm the one doing the mad dance about it, with everyone looking on thinking i'm a bit crazy.  I'm just starting to see one or two people take a risk and try a few moves with me, but we've still a long way to go before the whole organisation will be up dancing to the 'social media' tune. 

This video has given me the confidence and belief that i'm on the right track and not to give up.  I might have been out on my own at first and looked a bit silly, but sometimes you've got to put yourself out there to be shot at. 

Don't worry, i'll keep dancing my daft dance and we'll get there eventually!