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What you should be reading this week!

Here's a selection of my favourite stories from the last seven days. 

There's some really good general fundraising stories this week.  I really enjoyed the "Benefits of long term fundraising efforts" and the "Sad Child" story is closely linked to the using sex for fundraising article from last week.

General Fundraising

Do we need a "Don't stop giving" campaign to battle the recession?

Using 'sad' child images to boost fundraising - is it ethical? 

Why there is still plenty of life left in direct mail

Some volunteers are better than others (but do you dare say it?)

Great example of relevant cause related marketing 

The benefits of long term fundraising efforts over short-termism

Technology & Fundraising

How to use Twitter to alienate people (applies to all comms)

Using online experiences to enhance the offline relationship

How Mashable can improve their "Summer of Social Good"


How to go viral with remarkable service

Why confidence is more important than expertise

Tips on how to be authentic

9 Formula's for writing successful headlines