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Seth: an added bonus!

Whilst I was researching yesterday's post on Seth Godin, I came across this letter I received from him after ordering 'Tribes'.  I thought it was great example of how to engage and inspire your audience and wanted to share it with you:


Here's a gift.

No strings attached.

I want to thank you for believing in the Triiibe, for signing up sight unseen, for buying a book you hadn't read yet, hadn;t heard about yet, hadn't browsed yet.

You went first, took the lead, took a (small) chance wih your money and a big chance with your time.


Here's an advance copy of Tribes. An earlyu copy, for you, before anyone else gets one.  Please read and keep it.  And when the one you paid for comes, I hope you'll give that one away.  IN two weeks or so, when it arrives from the bookseller, take that second copy and spread the word.  If all you do is file it away, I've failed.

I write books so people will spread the ideas inside.  I write them to change things, to give a name to something that might be invisible and to give you a tool to make the change you hope to see in the world.

Working with you (and the rest of the Triiibe) is the entire purpose of my career.  I hope you'll put this gift to good work and give it to someone who needs it.

Thanks again,


What does a letter like that achieve?  Well, it turned me from a fan of Seth's to an evangelist.  I showed people at work the letter, gave away my spare copy and made sure the book was passed round. 

It's a great example of viral marketing and how you can inspire your fans to take action.  I'm sure the extra buzz this letter created greatly increased the overall sales of Seth's books and, more importantly, spread his message.