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Best of Fundraising - what i've been reading this week

Holiday season must be upon us, as there seems to have been a bit of a dip in great posts to share this week. It's either that or my standards are getting higher!

Have a (relatively) major direct mail campaign dropping next week and always get a few butterflies before one drops.  Am a bit like a child at Christmas as I wait to see how quickly the responses come in and the general feedback we get.  Fingers crossed it goes well - i'll let you know.

Anyway, these have been my favourite posts this week:

Mark Phillips has an in-depth look at the use of images in appeals

The Agitator asks "What makes you special?"

Lessons from the Red Cross on how to become a media savvy nonprofit

Beautiful World asks "Is fundraising becoming a dirty word?"

Finally, Copyblogger has 73 tips for becoming a better writer