Barriers to creating donor magic: Lack of time and resources
Child's i Foundation: A model for non-profit social media?

What I read last week...

A wasted trip to Liverpool to watch Everton at the weekend meant I've only just caught up on Google reader and picked out my favourite stories of the last week.

The postal strike in London led to a frustrating week at work as I waited (and waited) for the responses to come in from our recent appeal.  Luckily the weekend has brought in the deluge I was hoping for (along with some complaints) and it's looking like it will go well.

Highlight of last week?  Ken Burnett re-tweeting my post on 'Adopt a Word'!

Anyway, these are the articles I'd recommend you check out from the last week or so...

There's been a couple of interesting posts on newsletters this week.  First up was another in-depth and fascinating post from Mark Phillips.  This was followed up with a debate on Sofii between Tom Ahern and Sean Triner (both of whose views I respect) on the merits of fundraising newsletters.  I'm on Tom's side on the debate as when they are done well newsletters can be great fundraising vehicles and the problem isn't newsletters but bad, irrelevant and dull content.

The Agitator on relevance

Cheapskate Cliff Richard fans (and the lessons for direct mail)

How do children get involved in philanthropy?

Katya's take on the direct mail debate from last week

Non fundraising articles:

This article on writing bold copy for blogs also has plenty of relevant and useful info for fundraising.

I've just discovered this post on storytelling.

Guy Kawasaki's ten steps for innovation (as reported by Eaon)

Seth on critics

Some more 'nudges' in action