Why social media isn't fundraising 'snake oil'
Adopt a Word, Twitter & the power of celebrity

What i've been reading (and debating) this week

I love a good debate and this week has provided lots of interesting reading.

I've already discussed the debate about high performance v high impact over at the Tactical Philanthropy blog and even more good content has been added in the last couple of days.

The other big debate centred on direct mail and social media.  It started on the Agitator blog, but it continued in Mal Warwick's newsletter and on the Frog Loop blog. 

Good stuff.

Elsewhere, I also enjoyed reading the following:

The use of 'urgency' in fundraising

Keeping donors engaged in tough times

Emotional v rational messaging in nonprofit communications

What type of images generate the most money?

How to design a flat organisation and reduce hierarchy.