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Fundraising News Round-Up

A bumper round up of articles that i've read recently. 

Why you should use the word 'charity' in your fundraising communications rather than 'non-profit'.  Same probably applies to 'Third Sector' as well?

Bryan Miller looking forward to the launch of 'See the Difference' in the UK.

Adrian Sargeant on the language to use in legacy marketing.

A great resource for all aspects of social media.  I've already sent this round my charity and had some good feedback.  Thanks to Allyson at Frogloop for the tip.

Another batch of great posts from the team at Bluefrog.  @markyphillips and @alinereed consistent insight and shared wisdom makes these by far the best blogs on UK charity direct mail (and fundraising in general).  Check out the following four articles:

The dangers of expounding 'best practice'.  Are you sure it's not just conventional wisdom waiting to be challenged?

Have you got your schedule the wrong way round?

Get over your obsession with getting younger donors!

How many of these barriers to implementing social media exist in your organisation?

Seth opens a can of worms about non-profits and how slow they are to respond to change.  Lot's of interesting response to the article with my favourite being this considered response by Sean at Tactical Philanthropy.

@chrisbrogan looks at how he can he can promote his book and social change.  Some really good suggestions in the comments that you might be able to apply to your charity.  I've just bought Trust Agents and hope to read it in the next few weeks.

What can you learn about crisis management from Beyonce's response to Kanye West's antics?

Andy Sernovitz's looks at marketing lessons from the Flaming Lips.  I've included it as they are one of my favourite bands, with 'Do you realise' being one of the greatest songs ever!

Finding your 'village of customers' - linked to my post about finding your true fans, advocates and ambassadors.