Should we scrap the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) and give the money to SOFII instead?
Seven Tips for Making the Most of Conferences

Good fundraising stuff from past week

I was surprised by the reaction to my post on SOFII & the FRSB last week.  Thanks to everyone who got in touch and retweeted the post.  It was by far my most read post ever and seemed to strike a chord with people.

I attended the two IoF half day conferences last Friday and hope to get some of my notes written up this week.

In the meantime, here are my favourite bits and pieces from the last week or so.  There has been a flood of interesting social media articles this week and i've listed my favourites.

First up The Agitator highlights two great articles.  First up is Smashing Magazine's 'Nonprofit Website Design', which lists 20 of the best nonprofit website.

Secondly, is a link to a free report (e-mail address required) about e-mail testing.

Jon Waddingham of Justgiving reminds people to watch out for jargon creep in your copy.

Harvard Business Review on the Boston Foundation's "Brave Act of Leadership"

Need some help with your social media guidelines?

Third Sector reports on a Barclays Bank that refused to take a charities cheques.  A sign of the future? (Log-in required)

Interested in improving your writing skills?  Here are the ten best blogs for writers.

If GM's CEO can get social media, why can't yours?  Maybe this video interview will help...

Eleven interesting points of view on the changing business landscape at the Herd blog.

A great slide-deck on measuring social media impact.

Using google as a cheap market research tool.

Should your employees be your best evangelists?