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Should we scrap the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) and give the money to SOFII instead?

I've professed my love for SOFII before (so have others such as Tom) and their latest e-mail got me thinking.

The update asked fundraisers for help:

"There are five things you could do that will cost you just a little time but will help us hugely.

 1.     Continue to use and enjoy SOFII’s free service.

2.     Tell us if there is something you particularly love or would like to see added.

3.     Submit an exhibit. Share what worked – and even what didn’t – with each other, so that we can learn together.

4.     Help SOFII’s fundraising by donating a little of your time and expertise to help us find and develop potential donors.

5.     Promote SOFII with our special email signature (see the new logo and message below – just paste this into your email signature folder, and send it in all your emails to other fundraisers). Set yourself a target to recruit at least ten fundraising friends who will email Carolina (at) sofii(dot)org and get registered."

It was number four that got my attention and it seems like SOFII needs some money.

So on the basis that prevention is better than cure why don't we scrap the FRSB and give the money to SOFII to continue to share best practice in fundraising?

The FRSB has been criticised in numerous quarters (here and here for example) for being toothless and i'm sure bodies such as the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) could sufficiently police the sector if they were given a few more powers e.g make it a condition that any charity that wants to do face to face or door to door fundraising is a member of the PFRA.  The PFRA could then boot out any charities that attract numerous complaints thus effectively banning them from using F2F.

The extra money could then allow SOFII to share even more examples of fundraising, promote good practice in fundraising across the globe, run workshops etc, etc.

Wishful thinking? Probably, but I know which organisation will do more to improve the standard of fundraising.

p.s. make sure you do a couple of the suggested actions!