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Saturday Fundraising Link Fest!

Attended the excellent Like Minds event in Exeter yesterday and got some interesting notes to write up.  Whilst I do that, here are several links to great articles that I've read over the last few weeks.

Kimberely has been on fire recently with a series of great posts, here are my two favs: Donor-Centred is just jargon and Stop complaining about your board of trustees and help them.

Jeff has been equally excellent and here are my favourite two of his recent posts:

Why making your fundraising easy to read matters and how to make fact trump opinions in meetings

Are you doing enough research? Based on the emotional power of soup!

Aline's Friday quiz I've missed the first two, but long may it continue. Good luck to Villa tomorrow...

How to creat buzz via social media: do's and don'ts

A sadly familiar story from a non-profit mystery shopping test

John Baguley on the art of storytelling

The six types of wealthy donors

At the nonprofit blog carnival top nonprofit gurus share their highs and lows of their careers.

Excellent commentary from Kev Baughen on uproar from Blackpool Hospice spending £50,000 on art.

I found the comments to this post about feeling guilty about giving to a donkey sanctuary on holiday really interesting.

Eaon's seven rules to foster collaboration with customers.

What you can learn about customer loyalty from Lady Gaga.

Will social media be the death of DM? HT to @gcohen85

Scott Berkun says good beats innovative every time.