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Update on Direct Mail Article

A couple of quick updates on my article 'Direct Mail takes another round of kicking'.

First of all, Third Sector report that the Cancer Research UK letter featured in the article has become their best ever new donor recruitment pack.

They report:

"The pack attracted 56 per cent more new supporters than the control pack against which it was tested, which had previously been the charity's most successful new-donor recruitment pack.

"CRUK has recruited more than 8,700 new regular givers through the Brown Envelope campaign since the start of this year. It led to an average donation 21 per cent higher than the control pack managed to attract."

Will this lead to a whole host of copycat direct mail letters hitting our doorsteps in the coming year?  Probably.

Secondly, Ian Macquillin shares his thoughts on the person who has decided to leave their job after receiving donor complaints about a mailing. Ian concludes with two interesting points:

"The first is that it is totally outrageous and unforgivable that anyone should be subject to such abusive tirades from complainants. Should fundraisers ever encounter such uncivilised behaviour, they need not, like the fundraiser quoted in Third Sector, blame themselves.

"The second is that fundraising is not for wimps. The difference between the subject of Third Sector’s news story and my acquaintance, the one who was verbally assaulted recently, is that she is still in her job. She's got no intention of throwing in the towel."