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Some Monday morning reading

Variety is the spice of life and all that, so, for a slight change, and in no way connected to the fact that I never quite got round to doing it over the weekend, here is my fortnightly round-up of articles worth checking out.

Hope you have a great week and an early happy Easter!

Second step to maximise donor lifetime value over at Happy Donors. Step one is here.

Some great ideas on getting the most out of your London Marathon Runners (applies to all sponsored runners) by Kev Baughen.

Some thoughts on the engagement pyramid at Beth's blog.

In-depth article at Frogloop on engagement and donor involvement.

Jeff Brooks on how to know if a fundraising consultant is lying.

Jonathan Grapsas on copy - p.s. also read this article on the power of the post script.

Make your appeals smell of lemon and watch the money roll in?

Sena questions whether more money for charity is a good thing?

Katya has some great new stats and insights on social media.

Fundraising is selling!

Stephen George on the threat to relationship fundraising.

B.L. Ochman on Greenpeace v Nestle

Chris G on why people fail.

Two from Seth: Fear of philanthropy and how to turn a $3 bottle of soap into a $20 bottle.

What's your job as a manager? To help people according to Tom Peters. You can also read an extract of Edgar Schein's book on how to offer, give and receive help here.

Loved this quote on Brand Autopsy:  “It’s more meaningful to be provocative to a few than to be broadly boring to many.”  You can find out more in the article.

A ton of ideas to test for fundraising in this article on the long term effects of short term emotions.

Good Experience on the value of e-mailing customers.

Making a good first impression.