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Creating Loyalty Through Experience

A great Slideshare from the recent AFP conference by Bridget Brandt of Sagepay.  It's all about enhancing the donor experience and there are some good takeaways from it, which are neatly summarised at Fundraising Success.

The top 5 for me are:

"Identify the one big thing that causes donors problems, and fix it.

Call your organisation as a donor/prospect or get a friend to call. Know who's answering the phone and what it sounds like. Is it appropriate and representative of your brand and mission? Or does something need to be corrected?

Get as much information about your organisation and donors as possible: Do surveys, talk with staff and employees, engage in social media conversations.

Know what donors want and like in mailings, e-mails, etc., and give it to them. Don't send a donor a basic, vanilla mailer if she only responds to more elaborate ones, and vice versa.

Be transparent. Tell donors what you're going to do with their money … and then do it."

Good stuff.