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Fundraising Inspiration for a Friday Afternoon (my latest article round-up)

The sun is shining for what seems the first time in months and spring is finally in the air, so what better way to celebrate than by sharing my favourite recent articles... :)

Conor and Mark have some interesting points to make on my article on comparative advertising.

Thanking Donors Special!

The lovely Scribblybark with some great ways to love your audience.

Lori Jacobwith on donor acknowledgement and with seven tips for making better fundraising thank you calls.

Aline with some tips for thank you letters.

The Agitator on nonprofit 'customer service'.

Other fundraising

Jonathan Grapsas on urgency.

Loved this example of transparency from the Indianapolis Museum (via Wild Woman Fundraising)

Happy Donors on using premiums in fundraising.

Stephen George with the simplest legacy fundraising strategy.

Another example of peer-to-peer fundraising from Chris Brogan.

Blue Avocado with some tips on recruiting and keeping members.

The guys at 'Who Really Gives a Toss?' give away some cash.


A cool guide from Men with Pens of 20 apps that will help you organise your thoughts.

A two-part guide on testimonials. Although business related, there are some great ideas for fundraising. Part one & part two.

Seth on the lessons of the iPad launch.

Lessons from the most viral business to business report ever.

Finally, something a bit random, but some suggested spring reading (it's quite an eclectic mix & nothing to do with fundraising) from the people at 'The School for Life.'