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Latest Direct Mail Innovations

A couple of recent direct mail pieces have caught my eye and I thought I'd share them with you.

  1. Mail Media Centre

I received what looked like a book from Amazon through the post the other day and opened it up to see this:

Direct Mail cover


Lovely I thought.  Someone has sent me a free book. 

Direct Mail Inside


I then opened it up and it was a hollowed out book promoting their website

My first impression was that this was an expensive and wasteful way to promote a website, however it got me talking about it and I showed a number of my colleagues the book. 

The fact that i've spent so much time talking about the mailing and then blogged about it shows that even if I thought it was slightly wasteful, it was effective and got me to visit their website.  

The website is worth a visit and contains a number of good charity direct mail examples.

2. Pepsi & CBS Magazine Video

A recent article on DM innovation in Marketing Week reminded me about the Pepsi and CBS video ad  that appeared in an American magazine last Autumn.

The two inch screen showed clips of upcoming shows and advertised Pepsi within the magazine.  It uses similar technology to that used in birthday cards to play  music. The website of Americhip, the company behind the technology, is worth checking out for some great examples of multi-sensory communication.

Personally I think this is really exciting for fundraising and could revolutionise direct mail.  Imagine being able to send a short video clip with your appeal?  It would be really powerful, engaging and would boost response rates.

The technology may be prohibitively expensive for now, but the costs will come down and it may be within touching distance for a high value appeal sooner than you think.

3. Cardboard Record Player

Finally, I'm not sure of the fundraising applications of this package, but I thought it was really cool.

Cardboard Record Player

It transforms from a cardboard mailing package into an LP player.  It was targeted at creative directors at record companies and was relevant, interesting and a great talking piece.  I'm sure it will have been highly successful.