Creativity lessons from Ferran Adria: the best chef in the world
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Ten quotes on creativity from the best restaurant in the world

Following on from my earlier article about how elBulli approaches innovation and creativity, here are ten pithy and interesting quotes all about creativity together with some photos of the food.  Enjoy.


“Creativity involves coming up with something that has not been done before, but novelty alone is not enough. It takes many hours of experimentation to create something that is both new and interesting.”

“New, creative and unique are not the same thing.”

“Creativity is not copying”


“With creativity, it is not what you look for that matters, but what you find.”

“There is a very fine line between being influenced and copying.”

“Wanting to be creative is not enough. A creative spirit does not necessarily lead to a creative result.”


“Creativity means changing your mind every day.”

“It is impossible to say where ideas come from, but it helps to be curious all the time, and to keep on trying.”

“A concept is an idea that can open new doors.”

“A creative person tries to do what they don't know how to do”


As before, photos are courtesy of Laissez Fare.