The Fundraising Case for Being Disruptively Good
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Weekend Reading Round-Up

Another fortnight flies by and it's time for another round up of articles I've enjoyed recently...

Happy Donors on nonsexist writing for fundraising

Kivi on social media policy and letting your staff be real

Two from Jeff Brooks: How to kill creativity and there's more to fundraising than raising funds

Aline on raising money from newsletters.  If your charity newsletter isn't making a significant profit then you're doing something wrong...

Mark Phillips on a great user experience at the Eden Project.

Beth on the concept of 'lethal generosity'

Avoid 'we' in your copy

Jonathon Grapsas' thoughts on the recent AFP and his 10 point plan for growth

American cancer charity comes under fire for linking with KFC. Read Nancy's and Red Rooster's take on it.  Interesting points about compromising your brand for short term benefit.  Wild Woman Fundraising offers some advice on saying no to donations as well.

A great piece of direct mail from an Italian farm - watch the video and learn! HT to Eaon.

Avoiding the pickle flop

Giving a presentation? Don't overload the audience

Can you learn anything from spammers?

Chris Brogan on how to love your database