Essential Things for a New Head of Fundraising
Thank You!

Bank Holiday Monday Reading

Ahead of starting my new job tomorrow, here is a round up of articles that I've been reading recently...

Jeff Brooks rants about another stupid nonprofit ad

Scott Berkun on why creatives are confused

Some insights on giving from a philanthropist (who is also a psychologist)

The Gel Conference have posted some of the talks from this year's conference. As usual it's an eclectic bunch, but this talk by David Bornstein about social entrepreneurship is particularly interesting.

Though not related, four posts highlight the need to be listening to social media. First up Mark Phillips reports on an experiment he did on Twitter, where he put out some tweets indicating he was looking to donate to a charity.

However, Andy Sernovitz shows it's not just charities and highlights a fake BP account that has been putting out fake (and quite funny) tweets about the oil spill. 

Then John Haydon reminds us that there is no excuse not to be listening to supporters and then Frogloop ask if social media is snake oil?

Bottom Line Communications question the use of idioms in our communications

Tactical Philanthropy short list their top 10 Nonprofit videos

Who really gives a toss? on a fantastic thank you from Smile Train

Seth on making the effort for the last 10%...