The Ultimate Equation for Fundraising Success
Friday Afternoon Round-Up

Kind, Quality, Wow: What does it mean?

Following on from my article last week on the ultimate equation for fundraising success, here's some random thoughts on the three elements that go into great fundraising.


Listens to donors

Thoughtful – responds to notes/comments donors make

Ethically sound and obey donor requests and wishes.

Says thank you appropriately.

Appreciates and celebrates donor’s giving

Apologises profusely and genuinely for any mistakes

Professional, courteous and honest in all dealings

Not always on the ask

Treating people as a person and not a database number


Getting the basics right:  people’s names, addresses, other details

Setting up systems to respond to donations/enquiries within 24 hours (or less)

Giving choice

Personalisation of communications

Reporting back to the donor on achievements

Using data to enhance donor experience

Appending your data with appropriate and relevant metrics

Acknowledging landmarks – years giving, amount given, anniversaries etc

Responding to complaints above and beyond the call of duty. Here's one of my favourite examples from Zappo's

Phone calls out the blue to say thanks

Giving something without asking

Asking for advice and involving donors

Surprising a donor

Complete control over comms and where donation goes