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Kind, Quality, Wow: What does it mean?

The Ultimate Equation for Fundraising Success


Photo from ~C4Chaos

Tom Peters posted the following equation for business success on Twitter the other day:

K = R = P

(Kindness = Repeat Business = Profit)

Simply switch the profit for donations and you've got a path to fundraising success.

However, since then Tom has gone further and I've adapted his new, advanced equation for success to come up with the ultimate fundraising formula:

K+Q+W = R+N = D++

(Kindness + Quality + Wow = Repeat Donors + New Donors = Donations Plus Plus)

This looks simple on paper but putting the kindness, quality and wow into your fundraising is easier said than done.  If you can, then you're going to be well ahead of everyone else. 

I'll jot down some ideas for K+Q+W over the weekend, but if you've got any suggestions or ways to improve the formula then let me know...