Overcoming 'The Curse of Unremarkable Fundraising'
Essential Things for a New Head of Fundraising

What are your essential fundraising statistics?

I start a new job next week and it’s going to be my first Head of Fundraising role. 

Scary? Yes.  Exciting? Unbelievably so.

As well as tying up the loose ends and saying bye to the fantastic colleagues I’ve worked with other the last 5 ½ years I’ve been thinking about the new job and what I want to find out in the first week.

Here are some of the key stats I think I should be looking at, can you think of anything else?
  • Number of donors by giving type   
  • Recency, Frequency and Value analysis
  • Income/expenditure by fundraising type (e.g.direct mail, major gifts etc)
  • Attrition rates
  • Communications plan
  • Appeal results
  • Welcome, thanking and donor care plans
  • Top 100 donors and giving history
As well as getting to know some of the hard facts and figures, I also think there a three other key things to begin with:
  1. Getting out and visiting some of the projects I’ll be raising money for
  2. Speaking to as many donors as possible
  3. Looking for  some ‘easy wins’ to gain credibility and trust in my ability

Is there anything else I should be thinking about?