Book Review: The Little Big Things by Tom Peters
An Example of Why the Little Things Matter

A 5-Word, 5-Point "Complete" Excellence Manifesto."

Following on from my review of The Little Big Things, I thought I'd share part of one of the chapters in the book.  It gives a good summary of the ideas that the book contains and is copied verbatim...

Here goes, "my summary of everything" five words, generated for a seminar in which I wanted to leave behind a truly punchy message:






Cause: An objective worthy of our commitment. An aim that supersedes the need for an alarm clock and that we can brag about to our friends, our family, and our mirror.

Space:Room to roam. Constant and insistent encouragement for taking the initiative. An expectation that everyone will perceive herself or himself as a Change Agent-Entrepreneur.

Decency: Thoughtfulness to a fault in everything we do. Fairness to a fault in everything we do. Sky-high respect for every person with whom we come in contact.

Service: We unfailingly aim to "be of service." Our leaders at all levels are "in service" to their staff. Each staff member is "in service" to her or his peers and internal and external customers.

Excellence: Our ultimate aim is always...Excellence. Nothing less. In our treatment of one another. In the products and services we develop. In our relationships with customers-vendors-community.