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Book Review: The Little Big Things by Tom Peters

LittleBigThings Cover

Subtitled '163 Ways to Pursue Excellence' this book makes the argument that if you get the little things right then the big things will naturally follow.

Written by leadership legend Tom Peters, it's a must read for anyone who leads a team, is interested in customer (or donor) service and wants to get things done.

As the subtitle suggests the book is divided into 163 short, snappy chapters and is split into sections with names like 'Excellence', 'Opportunity', 'Attitude' and 'Customers'.

Although the book contains nothing profound it does offer lot's of great ideas, anecdotes and easy to action things that could make a difference for your organisation.

I think the book is best read in short bursts, such as on the bus/train on the way home, as Tom's excitable, energetic, urgent style can almost leave you feeling tired after a while!

As a word of warning: if you don't like liberal use of bold, CAPITAL LETTERS, !!!!!!!!, repetition, repetition, repetition, then this book probably isn't for you. 

However, I like it, as I think it reflects Tom's personality and sense of urgency over how important he sees the things he is talking about.

One of the main themes of the book (and something I believe in) is the concept of the leader as servant to their team.  Your direct reports are your primary customers - you make them happy and by default you will make your donors and external customers happy. 

Tom preaches about this a number of times in the book, along with empowering your team, managing by walking around and seeing more in others than they see in themselves.  All critically important things in my view.

'In Search of Excellence' was the first business book I ever read - my dad gave me a copy from his days working at Price Waterhouse - and I guess that the ideas Tom talks about have greatly influenced me over the years. 

Put simply, I'm a big believer in Tom and his ideas and I think this book is almost a manual on how to be a successful leader and fundraiser.

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