An Example of Why the Little Things Matter
Personalisation is great - just don't get it wrong (like I did)

Friday Link Fest!

I wrote recently about my first direct mail appeal in my new job and I've been like a small child waiting for Father Christmas and have nearly pounced on the postman as he's delivered the responses.  It's still early days, but things look like they've gone well and average gift (on 300 donations so far) is up by about 15% - if the response rate increases as well then I'll be a happy boy!

Anyway, to keep you occupied as you wait for the excitement of the full results, here's what I've been reading lately... :)

Who Really Gives a Toss? with info on an interesting ad on Facebook.

Wild Woman Fundraising on the benefits of getting fired!

Lori Jacobwith suggests a way to measure success with major gifts.

An example of excellent donor stewardship at Queer Ideas, along with the truth about great appeals.

As I'm currently looking to revamp our website, the following articles have been useful:

The Agitator on improving the fundraising performance of your website (i'm just about to watch the Convio seminar)

What constitutes good content for charity websites?

15 Tips to Create a Horrible Nonprofit Website (HT Jeff Brooks)

Frogloop on the best practices online.

Conor highlights this innovative supporter newsletterfrom the NSPCC.

Two examples of charity:water getting it right again and again.

Zen of fundraising with an interesting layman analysis of an appeal.

Social Frog shares her thoughts on using Twitter.

Howard Lake with some thoughts on Foursquare and charity shops.

Freakonomics with an interesting pay what you want experimentwith a fundraising angle.

Seth's hierarchy of failure.

The ever entertaining Drayton Bird on testing.

Eaon on Ben & Jerry's abandoning e-mail.

Mark Earls on the one and only P of marketing.

Some interesting thoughts on performance reviewsfrom Scot Berkun.