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Wanted: Great Charity Taglines

Nancy Schwartz from the excellent has been in touch and asked me to give a plug to the annual Nonprofit Tagline Awards.

I’m happy to help out for a number of reasons:

A: I’m big fan of her blog and have used a lot of Nancy’s resources to help me with various projects.

B: I think this is a great competition with lots of useful learning - make sure you download last year’s report.

C: I was trying to think of good UK charity based taglines and only the NSPCC’s ‘End Child Cruelty. Full Stop.’ and ‘Make Poverty History’ came to mind.

Actually, after checking this, I’ve got it wrong – NSPCC’s should be 'Cruelty to Children must stop. Full stop.'and 'Make Poverty History' was more of a campaign than a specific tagline!

I’m sure there are loads more great UK charity taglines, but unprompted those are the only two I can think of (apart from charities I’ve worked for/are directly involved in), which shows how hard it is to make an impression with all the marketing messages thrown at us every day.

Anyway, if you are particularly proud of your tagline, whether it be for your whole organisation, a specific project or a fundraising event then do enter it.  It would be great to see a UK charity shortlisted and I’ve encouraged Nancy to include an international prize in the future as well!

As Nancy says:

“A strong tagline does double-duty—working to extend your organization's name and mission, while delivering a focused, memorable and repeatable message to your base. It's one of your most basic, and effective, marketing tools, but a survey showed that 72% of nonprofit organizations don't have a tagline or rate theirs as performing poorly.  This program is designed to help close that gap.”

The deadline for the competition is July 28 and Nancy has asked me to thank the sponsors of the competition as well: Blackbaud, Event360, Eventbrite and See3