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Monday Reading Round-Up

5 Things That Make a Good Donor Welcome Pack

I love the concept of donor 'Welcome Packs' and think they should be an essential part of any fundraising/stewardship strategy, but often they are badly implemented or just dull.

As I'm currently trying to put together a pack of my own, here are some of essentials I think they should include...

  1. Make it about the donor.  Use 'you' frequently and headlines like '5 problems your donation will help solve'.
  2. Tell stories and anecdotes (backed up with strong images) that make the donor feel good about giving and reinforce the fact that they have made a good choice by donating to you.
  3. Use interesting and relevant stats or graphs to back up your case. Though don't go overboard on these.
  4. Express your gratitude and thanks.  Make the donor feel good about giving.  Use welcoming language.
  5. Give your contact details and make it easy for donors to get in touch.

Finally, if you are feeling really brave - take the Botton Village approach and give the donor choice.

Am I missing anything?  Who produces your favourite welcome packs?