'Smile & Move' your way to success
Will a pledge card help reduce attrition?

First reading round up of the year

I made a decision not to look at my google reader for three weeks over the Christmas period and came back to over 2000 items in my reader!  I decided to start the New Year from scratch, so all the items here are from 2011.  If I missed anything important in the last two weeks of the year then please do let me know!

Aline talks us through a great, integrated campaign to save a piece of art.

Kev with some useful thoughts on saying thank you.  A theme continued by Jen at Agents of Good together with a lovely Venn diagram!

Katya's 'Science of Giving' series continues with a look at collection boxes.

Jeff commends Save the Children for trying something new.

Wild Woman Fundraising questions Facebook usefullness for fundraising.

The Agitator turns nasty!

Damian goes inside donors minds...

Mark with some thoughts on A/B testing (I need to do more of this in 2011)

Copyblogger with some excellent Facebook tips.

Chris Brogan with 11 free resouces about creativty.

Kivi's 2011 Nonprofit Communications Report.