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A fascinating demographic study of Professional Footballer's in Europe was published this week and one thing stood out for me that I wanted to share.

FC Barcelona, the best team in Europe (and arguably the greatest team of all time in terms of quality of football) are also the smallest team across 36 professional european leagues and over 500 teams.

This seems to defy logic and common sense as conventional wisdom would say a small team would be kicked off the park by bigger, more physical teams and unable to compete at the highest level.

However, Barcelona have been able to overcome this apparent disadvantage by being more skillful, quicker and intelligent than their opponents.

So my message and learning point? 

Don't be afraid to challenge conventions, to break a few rules now and again and go against the norm. Make the most of your advantages, don't be afraid of your faults and have the courage of your convictions and beliefs.

By doing so you might just go and create something beautiful and amazing...

I'll leave you with this video of Barcelona destroying their greatest rivals Real Madrid 5-0.  As the video says, this is truly football as art: