5 Things That Make a Good Donor Welcome Pack
Does micro-giving pose a threat to genuine philanthropy?

Monday Reading Round-Up

Another reading round-up for you to enjoy.  It's a few days later than usual, as I was away in Rome at the weekend - I may have mentioned this a few times to people!!

Alison McCants with some interesting thoughts on working with agencies. As I used to work with Alison I know exactly where she is coming from!

Jeff on How older donors think and problems with focus groups.

Aline looks at how various charities have updated donors on their work after the Haiti disaster.   Bryan Miller has also posted a study into what he received through the post from 10 charities he donated to online after the disaster.

Some great analysis by the Agitator of problems with Recency, Frequency, Value (or RFV / RFM) models of segmentation for appeals.  They also look at how to judge a fundraising letter.

The always excellent Katya's blog has really excelled itself recently and I've highlighted these stories on branding, what makes us want to give back and a warning not to post crap or be boring on social media (applies everywhere though).

Really pleased to see Kimberly blogging again and this in-depth piece on legacy fundraising is excellent.

Lori on keeping things fresh.

Lots of comments on Action Aid's new campaign.  Here is Ken Burnett's view and also an article from Agents of Good on the picture of donors Action Aid have on the wall in their office.

The Direct Mail Man explains about QR codes on Katya's blog.

25 Rules of Journalism (that equally apply to fundraising writers).  HT Open Fundraising.

Seth with three ways to get things done.