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Should fundraisers give to the charity they work for?

Had an interesting debate with a friend and fellow fundraiser recently that I wanted to share.

We were talking about donating to the charity we work for.

For me, I couldn't imagine not donating to the charity I worked for.  Personally I'd find it a little bit hypocritical to ask others for money for my cause without giving myself.

My friend took a slightly different view and argued that they do extra (unpaid) hours, volunteer for the charity in their own time and so thought they already do their bit.  They argued that it's important for a fundraiser to donate to someone, but it doesn't necessarily have to be the charity you are working for.

I've previously worked with a couple of people who argued that the mere act of being a professional fundraiser negated the need to give elsewhere. They refused any request to give.  Unsurprisingly they weren't great fundraisers.

I'd be really interested to know which of the three positions you agree with and whether you donate to the charity you work for?