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How user testing can improve the fundraising on your website!

Our new website at the GLFB is up and running and so far visits, average time on the site and pages viewed are already showing big increases in Google analytics and the feedback from our donors has been positive.

However, although this is all good I wanted to check how people were actually using the site and seeing if they could find information, make a donation easily etc.

To do this I used a site called UserTesting.com, which for about £20.00 per review offers a really affordable way to get useful feedback on the way people access information.  I've already made a number of tweaks and changes from the feedback I received and I've embedded one of the videos below.  I think it makes for fascinating watching - though please excuse the typo's in my comments!

I really think this is a tool that anyone who is in charge of, or has an interest in, your website should know about.

Here are just a five things you could test from a fundraising perspective:

  • Ask a person to go on to the homepage and make a donation.
  • See if people can find information on an area of fundraising, such as legacies.
  • Pretend they want to make a complaint or speak to a fundraiser.
  • Test your online event registration.  Does it flow and is it easy to sign up?
  • Can people easily sign up to your e-newsletter, Twitter, Facebook pages?

 Do let me know if you have any extra feedback on our website - I would love to hear it!