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How user testing can improve the fundraising on your website!

Weekend Reading Round-Up

This is the second time I've done this post as my computer crashed yesterday and I lost the original version. Never mind - hope you enjoy the selection of articles I've picked out this week...

Jeff on the power of corny, old fashioned, copy-heavy marketing.

Advice for Good on why people donate to charity and Katya with six truths on the same subject.

Amanda gets a lovely bear hug.

Two LinkedIn articles: Claire on personal branding and Mark on fundraising and some interesting stats.

Paul dr Gregorio with an interesting perspective on monthly giving.

Taslim from Stephen Thomas  with a terrible Kool & the Gang pun, but a good article on integration.

Jonathon with a good Facebook fundraising case study.

Gill starts a great series on how to work with fundraising agencies. Part 2 is now out as well.

There has been an interesting discussion on charity branding on Twitter after this post by Jeff.  Kevin joins in by updating a couple of interesting articles.

101 Fundraising with nine donor loyalty tweets.

Lucy on getting success from failure.

Happy Donors on testing when you can't test.

Christiana with an antidote for bad fundraising.

An analogy I've used many times over the years! One-night stands ruin your fundraising.

Kivi summarises three approaches to stories from Chip and Dan Heath.

I found this brainstorming template really useful on Customer Experience 101.

The Freakonomics blog with some interesting (and possibly controversial) thoughts on Twitter.

Dan admits to another irrationality: procrastination and self-control.