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How many donors do you REALLY have?

Easter Reading Round-Up

A number of really strong, thought-provoking articles this week to share, which I know I took a lot from.  Where ever you're reading this I hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable Easter.  Thanks for reading...

A couple of in-depth, thought provoking posts

I start off with articles from two of the best fundraising thinkers I know.

Ken Burnett's article on face to face fundraising really made me think and to reconsider some of my views on face to face fundraising.  Are office based fundraisers letting the guys on the street/doors down?

Then Steve Bridger's article '15 conversation starters for rebooting charity' poses some difficult and fascinating questions. What would the answers be for your organisation?

The Agitator on donor retention and acquiring new donors

An excellent series of posts on the always great Agitator blog about donor retention and securing second gifts.  To paraphrase "you guys deserve a raise!"

Donor Retention Survey Results.

New donors... Garbage in, garbage out

Acquiring New Donors - plan B

Acquiring New Donors - plan C

How to retain 70% of donors

The Most Influential in Fundraising List

The launch of the yearly 'Top 50 Most Influential Fundraisers' list provoked a flurry of posts.

Mark challenges people to think about the fundraisers who truly influenced you in the past twelve months. I was very humbled to be included in Mark's list, so thank you!

Kevin takes a different slant and reframes the question in a thought provoking way.

Howard made me laugh with his post on the 'Award for narcissism in philanthropy'.

Anyway, I've vowed not to vote for anyone who pitches to me (you know who you are!) and to follow Mark and Kevin's advice to pick people who have truly influenced me in the last year.

Other articles

Amanda asks if having a customer service department means you're failing?

Mark on the tragedy of the commons.

Aline on how Adopt-a-Word puts the fun in fundraising.

Jeff asks if you are sending too much mail in Fundraising Success Magazine.

Rachel on the volume v value debate.

Lucy asks you to stop caring what the other kids think!

Kenya on brand longevity.

Advice for Good on how to get donors and influence people.

Karen on killing response rates.

Katya's 10 gifts.

Copyblogger on why brevity isn't always good.

Seth on how to fail.

Tom Peters on things beyond your 'to-do' list.

Finally, best wishes and hugs to Lori who bravely shares her story about her recent battle with cancer.