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Easter Reading Round-Up

Why the little things matter: three recent examples

I wanted to share a couple of recent examples of why it's so important to go that extra mile for donors.

On the response form of a recent appeal a donor had ticked the 'remove from mailing list' box and put a comment asking why we didn't merge with other charities in the field.

It would've been easy to ignore this comment and simply remove the donor and think nothing more of it. However, I decided to write her a letter thanking her for her past support, confirming the removal from our database and explaining why I thought merging would be a bad idea.

The result: a lovely letter back, which asked me for a regular giving form and a generous annual donation from a donor who didn't want to hear from us again!  It's little moments and notes that like that really give me a buzz in fundraising.

I've also recently done a 90th anniversary appeal and a number of donors wrote on their response forms that they were also going to be 90 this year.

My team suggested getting birthday cards to send with their thank you letter and I sent them off yesterday wishing them well in their 90th year.  Regardless of whether we hear anything back, it was the right thing to do and I am sure it will be appreciated.

Just to show I'm not perfect, I've been regretting a missed opportunity that we had to thank donors for the same appeal.

I had planned to call and say a personal thanks to donors who had given over a certain amount.  However, other things got in the way and the opportunity was lost.  I am sure the thank you calls would have had a better long term impact on our fundraising than the other bits and pieces I was caught up with.

Have you had any recent examples of doing something little that has had a positive impact on your fundraising? I'd love to hear your story.