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Friday Reading Round-Up

Fit your fundraising products to your donor's needs

An interesting video over at the Knowledge Peers website* with Mark Astirita from the British Red Cross describing how they package up the different offers as fundraising products.

The best bit comes around 1:39 into the video when Mark says the following:

"We are increasingly in a world where people want to differentiate their giving, so productising or at least packaging what we do into something that is a bit more manageable for people does make it easier for them to give, it makes it easier for them to connect.....it's a case of being donor focused, it's really about engineering the things we want to do anyway around the donor interests and that is what makes that kind of fundraising more successful and makes the donor feel that they are making a difference on a scale that is manageable for them."

Shifting the focus from delivering fundraising products charities want to sell (push tactics) to listening, understanding and then delivering fundraising products that people wish to donate to is a big shift in how many charities go about doing their fundraising.

However, if a large, successful organisation like the British Red Cross is listening more to donors and their needs, then it is probably something we can all learn from.

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