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Weekend Reading Round-Up

Right, it's time for my first reading round-up for a month.  I deleted the 1500+ posts I had in my feed after my break, so these articles are all from the last couple of weeks.  Apologies if I missed anything during my holidays!

Robert Egger with some interesting thoughts on charity and the Millenium generation.

Welcome to the age of the customer.

Ian MacQuillan with some thoughts on recent 'nudge' fundraising initiatives.

Katya on the uniqueness of opportunity.

Seth's updated e-mail checklist.

The seven deadly sins of direct mail fundraising.

Jeff with five assumptions to make about your readers.

Frogloop on making your donors feel like rockstars.

Shelley O'Brien with some good pointers on trust applications.

There's been a lot of debate about ranking charities by administration costs. The Freakonomics blog has an interesting rebuttal.

Mark on why donors don't like giving when it doesn't feel good.

Kathy Sierra on the Gaping Void blog talking about the mountain of mediocrity.

The Not for Profit social media conference was held this week and there were a few interesting videos and comments on the event that I thought were worth sharing:

Stuart Witts refreshingly honest look at the conference programme picks out the highlights.

Anne McCrossan shares her thoughts.

Katie Bacon shared some interesting interviews with participants.