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8 things you can learn from the $300,000 fundraising t-shirt

$300,000 TShirt

The $300,000 t-shirt - buy it and you'll pay for a cargo flight for UNICEF

I thought this fundraising campaign between UNICEF and Threadless was fantastic when I saw it last week and had it down to blog about it.  They've produced 12 t-shirts with various prices so people of all means can donate.

Before I got round to it, Andy Sernovitz has produced this great post on why the campaign is worth talking about.

He's come up with eight lessons you can learn from the campaign and apply in your organisation.

1. Make it outrageous
2. Make it easy to participate
3. Make it interesting for big talkers
4. Make it naturally viral
5. Make it match your core business
6. Make it fun
7. Make it forwardable
8. Make it 100%

Thanks for doing my work for me Andy!  It will be interesting to see if anyone buys the $300,000 t-shirt...