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Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Time for another round-up of articles that have caught my eye lately. Enjoy.

I've enjoyed reading Blackbaud and Adrian Sargeant's report on growing philanthropy in the U.S.  It's been featured on a few blogs, but this comprehensive summary on the Agitator is my favourite.

Katya on the importance of focus and another great post on 7 surprising brain tricks you can use.

Stephen George with seven lessons from a door to door collection.

Alan Sharpe on direct mail v e-mail.

Paul on video and mobile.

101 Fundraising on measuring lifetime value.

Advice for Good on the growth of Movember.

Karen Zapp on fundraising silver bullets.

Pamela's one secret to winning foundation grants.

Jeff on when editing your copy makes it worse.

Kevin on charity fundraising and marketing truths (or not).  I'm currently reading Drayton's book on direct marketing, so enjoyed this.

Ask Direct have been doing some mystery shopping.  They'll announce the results soon, but this post gives you a taster...

Beth on Giving 2.0 and empowering your charity champions.

p.s. ten top tips for writing the perfect p.s. from Dear Joan.