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Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Time for another reading round up.  I've included a couple of excellent round-ups about the Komen controversy in the US this week.  Whilst it's not strictly fundraising related, I think it makes for a fascinating story (regardless of your views) and a case study in how not to react to a negative story about your charity.

Kivi has a great summary, which Nancy then follows up and again here.  This one is going to rumble on for a while I think!

In the fundraising world, there are some good follow up articles to the relationship Fundraising debate on the SOFII Linked In Group.

Ken Burnett responds with his thoughts.

Kimberley shares her thoughts on thanking and shares a lovely story.

Pamela's 10 essentials of an ideal thank you letter.

Why quality is more important than quantity in major donor fundraising.

Mark shares a case study that raised $65,000 in a day.

101 Fundrasing lose and regain a donor.

Alyson on the myth of fundraising panaceas.

The Agitator on beating your control pack.

Paul shares a great Amnesty campaign from Sweden involving interactive billboards and i-pads.

I was delighted to take part in Q&A about fundraising ROI on the Guardian website this week.  You can read the highlights here.

Di Flatt with some thoughts on communication.

Nancy hosts the January non-profit carnival on dreams.

Advice for Good on who gives to charity.

Finally, a couple of articles on customer service.

Seth on caring.

Kev asks if your left hand knows what your right hand is doing and Copyblogger has a case study from customer service favs Zappo's.