Fundraising Reading Round-Up
Weekend Reading Round Up

Successful fundraising needs excellent leadership

There's been a lot of buzz on Twitter this week about the Fundraising magazine story on Christian Aid deciding to dump the Head of Fundraising role.

It's an interesting and brave decision, with the consensus being that it is a bold plan, but one fraught with danger and a high risk of failure.

From my point of view, the best (and most successful) fundraising teams I have worked with and observed have all had a strong leader, who imparts their vision and fundraising philosophy on the team. 

They drive through the necessary changes, make tough decisions and enable people to do their job.  They inspire, cajole and lead the team to success.

For me the big danger in Christian Aid's decision is that no fundraising leadership will lead to no fundraising culture in the organisation.

At the crudest level (and with only limited information), it sounds like they have a fundraising and management team who don't actually like fundraising and asking for money!

I wish them well and would love to be proved wrong, but I can't help thinking that this tweet from Adrian Salmon sums up the situation perfectly:

"Ship dispenses with rudder - says crew can steer 'perfectly well with hands'"

I'd love to know your thoughts on Christian Aid's plan...