Fundraising Mastery: Don't forget the innovation!
The right offer, at the right time: the importance of relevance

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Here's another list of fundraising articles for you to digest and enjoy.  Thanks for reading!

Mark explains why donors don't want to hear from you.

Some good advice for young and experienced fundraisers from Passionate Giving.

Margaux's third big lesson in fundraising copy.

Simon on donor recognition.

Jonathon on making great charity websites.

Alison on finding the 18th camel.

Paul explains why we should all encourage slactivism

101 Fundraising with 6 things you get with fundraising.

The three best times to ask for money.

How personal opinions destroy fundraising effectiveness.

The Agitator debate thank you letters.

Ken Burnett on the tester's dilemma.

Aline on harnessing the power of the underdog - although did she need to mention Shewsbury beating Everton?!

Why do we have our best ideas in the shower? Lucy explains.

Amanda receives an apology she didn't ask for.

Karen on why less is more in direct mail.

Kevin on the value equation (or what's in it for me?)

Katya describes your biggest competitor.

Seth asks if you have a people strategy?