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5 Ways Fundraisers Can Utilise the Power of Mobile

This month's non-profit blog carnival is all about mobile technology and the opportunities it presents for charities.  Here are my fiveways you could be using mobile technology in fundraising:

  1. Mobile devices can provoke an immediate response to a message. You don't need to hunt for a pen, phone or website.  If you can come up with a compelling offer that demands an instant response, then mobile is the perfect medium for soliciting small donations.
  2. Events offer a great opportunity to secure mobile donations.  You have a captive audience and the chance to tell your story. Imagine a concert where the artist asks everyone to donate £5 to a chosen charity and they won't play a certain song until 1000 people have texted!
  3. Tablets could potentially revolutionise face to face giving.  As well as telling an amazing story face to face, you could use your tablet to overcome objections, show photos, videos and really involve the donor and get them to give.
  4. St John's Ambulance used mobile brilliantly to get people to text and request a free guide to first aid.  They then rang up the donor to get their address and to also ask for a donation.  The results were fantastic.
  5. Mobile devices also offer a great way to engage with donors.  With so many people having smart phones and tablets, you can send instant updates via text or e-mail and get people link through to exclusive content.  The possibilities to use mobile to improve donor care are enormous - engagement, feedback, interaction, storytelling and customer care are all made easier by mobile devices.

Those are just five for starters.  I'm sure there are hundreds more possibilities.  If you are harnessing the power of mobile in your fundraising then do let me know!