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How to make things happen (or what to do when you've a million and one things to do!)

I feel like i'm spinning a dozen plates while juggling knives on a space hopper at the minute!  It's all good and I love being busy, but I've been struggling to keep on top of my priorities and letting my day being taken up with non-urgent, non-important work.

That's why this post from Scott Berkun came at the perfect time.

It is all about prioritising and making things happen.

There's lots of great advice in the post, but the two key takeaways that I've implemented with immediate success are:

  1. Defining my number one priority and managing my workload appropriately.
  2. Saying no to things that don't help me achieve my number 1 priority.

So simple, but so far it's been very effective in helping me to spin a few less plates and getting me off the space hopper!

What tips and advice do you have for when you feel things are getting on top of you?